20 Google Chrome Extension Which helpful for freelancer work

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google chrome extension

Google Chrome Extensions for Freelancers:

How much of your precious time do you waste searching Google for apps, Google Chrome extensions, tips, and tricks that will help you make almost all of your freelance work at home? Continue using paper textbooks and stick with the current system, or what?

Here’s a trick: You can boost your productivity without ever leaving your browser! The Google Play Store has thousands of extensions that will make your work speedy and simple. This blog will highlight 20 Google Chrome extensions that you can install for successful freelance work. No preference is given to any of the extensions; they are listed in descending order.

  1. Grammarly for Chrome:
  2. LastPass: Free Password Manager:
  3. Lightshot (screenshot tool):
  4. AdBlock:
  5. Plus for Trello: 
  6. Any. do: 
  7. Google Translate:
  8. Google Dictionary: 
  9. Auto Text Expander:
  10. Awesome Screenshot:
  11. Print-Friendly & PDF:
  12. Checker Plus for Gmail: 
  13. Chrome Notepad:
  14. WiseStamp – Email Signatures for Gmail:
  15. Docs Online Viewer:
  16. OneNote Web Clipper: 
  17. OneTab:
  18. Pixlr Editor:
  20. Reading Time:
  • Grammarly for Chrome: 

Grammarly Spell Checker is among the finest Google Chromecast apps if you are involved in blogging how to start or copywriting. It will help you edit your document and avoid grammar, alphabet, vocabulary, and stylistic mistakes.

google chrome extension

  • LastPass: Free Password Manager:

If you have to register on different websites, LastPass will save you the time needed for filling out enrollment forms. You can import passwords that have been saved by other extensions.

google chrome extension

  • Lightshot (screenshot tool): 

Lightshot rates are high among the most popular apps for freelancer jobs online. If using Google Books, you might need to copy the textbook into your document. With Lightshot, you can screen any specific part of the web page, which can be instantly uploaded and participated.

google chrome extension

  • AdBlock: 

One of the cool extensions for Chrome removes all distractions by blocking inapplicable pop-ups and context advertisements. Through AdBlock you can remain focused point on the content of the website.

google chrome extension

  • Plus for Trello: 

This time (Trello) operation add-on allows you to move tasks from the “in-progress” to the “completed” board, setting time limits for each task that you have to do.

google chrome extension

  • Any. do: 

Any.do between the top Chrome add-ons dealing with the scheme. You can attach new notes, rearrange objects, and even alter your emails into work tasks. This extension is available for iPhone and Android.

google chrome extension

  • Google Translate: 

Having trouble finding documents in not your native tongue? Google Translate will help you to identify in which language your document is written and translate sheets and pages into any other language you want.

google chrome extension

  • Google Dictionary: 

Are you using Google Dictionary for the meaning of an unknown word? This extension is the easier, simplest, and cool way to find it. You highlight the word and get its description.

google chrome extension

  • Auto Text Expander: 

One more on the list of must-have tools(Auto Text Expander) for writers. It will give you the capability to configure shortcuts for any group of words or idioms. It will be helpful when you have to meet writing deadlines.

  • Awesome Screenshot: 

You can easily edit and explain them with the help of this awesome extension. The use of the screenshot function is helpful for saving images for your writing.

google chrome extension

  • Print-Friendly & PDF: 

You can simply convert webpages into PDFs, edit them transfer them to publish, & remove useless sections of advertisements.

google chrome extension

  • Checker Plus for Gmail: 

Do you have various Gmail accounts for your work? Checker Plus is the ultimate answer. It lets you approach any of your accounts. It will read your mail to you.

  • Chrome Notepad: 

This is the faster way to write down your ideas when they strike you without leaving the browser.

google chrome extension

  • WiseStamp – Email Signatures for Gmail: 

WiseStamp extension allows building an email signature that can be connected to all social networks and will make you look impossibly professional.

google chrome extension

  • Docs Online Viewer: 

Online Viewer extremely time-consuming to download presentations and PDFs. Now you can forget about it: just install this add-on and open your docs in the browser.

  • OneNote Web Clipper: 

Web Clipper is similar to EverNote–you can save everything you see online. Just choose the one that you like the coolest.

google chrome extension

  • OneTab: 

Your browser will typically move to a lower position when you are working on a task that requires you to put together numerous pages. One tab will help you to unite all the links in one cluster.

google chrome extension

  • Pixlr Editor: 

Need quality images? Use this(Pixlr) image editor for quick correction of image faults. Do not waste your time learning how to operate complex programs.

google chrome extension

  • Quotes:

Do you need to quote another person’s work that supports your point? Quotations are not hard to navigate, and the design is attractive to the eye.

google chrome extension

  • Reading Time:

This one is surely on the list of Google Chrome extension that is worth having if you have to read a lot of material during your workday. It shows you how long it will take to read a blog or composition, which simplifies time planning.


No matter what industry you work in, being a freelancer is undoubtedly a great job. It gives you a lot of freedom to organize your work in a stylish way for you. That’s why it’s largely essential to have all the necessary tools at your disposal to enhance your productivity and make your workflow smooth and enjoyable.

Google Chrome extensions may help you:

  1. Organize your schedule
  2. Work with documents
  3. Check grammar and spelling
  4. Manage tabs
  5. Secure your browsing history
  6. Save time by ordering books and other items online.
  7. Get in touch with your clients
  8. Edit pictures and videos, and actually do whatever you need

Install them right now, and you’ll be more effective and successful in your coming freelancer’s work-at-home experience.



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