Top In-Demand Freelance skills for the job

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Top Skills Of Jobs

The knowledge and expertise that employers are currently looking for in work candidates are known as “in-demand skills for the job.”

Employers are in great need of these skillsets, which are the most valuable in the current job market. They can vary depending on the sector and the particular job. They typically include hard expertise like leadership, problem-solving, and communication. Many soft skills like programming, data analysis, and cloud computing. As technology and the economy advance, in-demand skills for the job may change over time.

The biggest freelance marketplace in the world, Upwork, has published its annual list of the most in-demand freelance skills in various categories, including technology, creativity, marketing & advertising.

Tech skills for the job:

  1. Full Stack Development
  2. Front-End Development
  3. Back-End Development
  4. Mobile App Development
  5. Web Design
  6. Ecommerce Website Development
  7. UX/UI Design
  8. CMS Development
  9. Manual Testing
  10. Scripting & Automation

Marketing skills for the job:

  1. SEO
  2. Social Media Marketing
  3. Digital Marketing
  4. Lead Generation
  5. Sales & Business Development
  6. Telemarketing
  7. Search Engine Marketing
  8. Email Marketing
  9. Marketing Strategy
  10. Marketing Automation

Customer Service & Admin Support skills for the job:

  1. Email, Phone & Chat Support
  2. General Virtual Assistance
  3. Data Entry
  4. Digital Project Management
  5. General Research Services
  6. Tech Support
  7. Dropshipping & Order Processing
  8. Community Management
  9. Market Research
  10. Transcription

Accounting & Consulting skills :

  1. Accounting
  2. Recruiting & Talent Sourcing
  3. Bookkeeping
  4. Financial Analysis & Modeling
  5. Management Consulting
  6. Instructional Design
  7. HR Administration
  8. Business Analysis & Strategy
  9. Tax Preparation
  10. Financial Management/CFO

Design & Creative skills:

  1. Graphic Design
  2. Video Editing
  3. Illustration
  4. 3D Animation
  5. Presentation Design
  6. Image Editing
  7. Cartoons & Comics
  8. Product & Industrial Design
  9. 2D Animation
  10. Video Production


The most in-demand skills on the Upwork platform, in terms of year-over-year growth, are sales & business development (54%), data entry (47%), accounting (45%), and 3D animation (44%).

We hope that you find in-demand skills as valuable and informative as we did. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions about this article.

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